Hello, and welcome to After-the-Rain.net. I'm Cindy and this is my art archive. Take a look around and enjoy yourself! Also, comments are always appreciated :)

Always a new wallpaper for every Harry Potter movie! I can't wait to Deathly Hallows parts 1 & 2 to come out!!!! Enjoy.

I am such a sucker for Disney channel shows. I eat up cheeseyness cause I love that it requires no thinking. Another I love, feel good music. After discovering The Jonas Brothers had a show I felt compelled to make this. Hehe. Enjoy The Jonas Brothers wallpaper!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is less than a month away!!!! I'm so freaking excited!!! And then I got to thinking about how I haven't made anything in a long while... heh, sorry. So here's a 1024x768 wallpaper for you guys! =)

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Summer bordem means great things for this site apparently, hahaha. I saved a bunch of Hanson pictures that I wanted to use but instead of making myself a wallpaper I decided to make a 1024x768 resolution one. It's cause my MacbookPro has some CRAZY high resolution that I know hardly anyone would use. Sooooooo here it is... Hanson: One breath, not to breathe! Enjoy!

Summer is either supercrazybusy or really boring. Right now I'm on the boring track so photoshopping is essential to keep me sane! Saw Dark Knight. AMAZING. Way better than the previous movie which I didn't like at all. So new wallpaper just for Kristiney and now for you guys! It's a1280x800 Joker wallpaper!!!! Creepy.

The official Twilight trailer has been released and so I made a 1024x768 wallpaper from the screencaps!!! =) For those of you who aren't in on the Twilight hype yet, you better hurry!!! hehe.

Another quick update cause I really wanted to redeem some crappy artwork last time. This time a 1024x768 wallpaper of Atonement. A little improvement but not by much.

I think I might start just uploading my photography onto Flickr, but we'll see how that goes. Long time no update... sigh. Hopefully since it's summer now I'll be able to do more stuff! Today I have three wallpapers for you guys!!! The first was made awhile back--Boyd Holbrook 1280x800. The second was made for my new MacbookPro (so pardon the huge resolution 1920x1200)--Harry & Hermione, hehe. The third and final one is a result of watching Becoming Jane today so..--Becoming Jane 1280x800. I really hate the last one. Oh well, maybe I'll redo it. My art is getting so boring nowadays! Well.. as always, tell me if resizing is needed. =) OH and btw... tuesday-morning.org is a blog again for those of you who care. =) Take care!

Betty & I played with a bit of makeup and pearls! Great fun resulting in HOT pictures. ENJOY!

Hope no one kills me for doing photography and no wallpaperish art... haha. Got bored, went to the park again--results!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTINEYBEAR! =) This update will be dedicated to you! I had another photoshoot with two of my favorite people: Kristine& Betty! I played with unnatural color balancing so mind the colors. I grouped the picures together as well to save space and make it look a little more presentable. I call this the "pretentious shoot" cause it totally was.

Updated photography section! I added a photoshoot section 'cause I am expecting to have many, many, many shoots! =D

I don't really know why I hadn't thought of collaging Milo before but he's now on my desktop! So to share with you guys, here's a Milo Ventimiglia (aka Peter Petrelli) wallpaper sized 1280x800!

It's 2008! Another crazy year. I hope you guys celebrated your holidays in good spirits. I was in China! lol. As you may or may not have noticed, I put up a new layout! YAY. Haven't done that in ages, huh? It's of Anthony and Johanna (the characters from Sweeney Todd.) Personally I <3 Anthony and wish there were more pictures of him, poo. Another big change though! I put a photography section! It's still small but it'll grow! Tell me what you think!=D Later Gaters! P.S. Anie, I'll try to get to those wallpapers you requested... what size?

Finals are killer. It's like living, eating, breathing are all for studying. So hardcore, lol. But there had to be some fun so... new wallpaper! It's a 1280x800 wallpaper for Paramore! They're good, yes? :) Take care sweeties.

I think this quarter is not on my side as far as college goes. I'm trying to get into Design | Media Arts so wish me luck guys! Two new wallpapers today, both 1440x900 because that's my computer screen size. Remember that I can always make it another size for you if you request it through commenting =) Okay, first is a Superman wallpaper because Brandon Routh is beautiful. Second is a YUI wallpaper because she is an amazing musician/singer even if I can't understand a word of Japanese, lol. Take care guys!

Oh, if only you guys knew. *sigh* Let's just get on with the art! Two new 1440x900 wallpapers! Comment if you need a smaller version (and say what size). I made these awhile ago... an HP Trio one and a models dressed as Fairy Tale characters one.

COLLEGE IS SO FREAKING HARD. Seems like all there is midterm after midterm after midterm. So yeah, sorry for the really bad updation habits. I have one new 1024x768 wallpaper made of Hanson. Sorry if you're tired of them but there were new pictures and I couldn't resist! :) Anyways, take care everyone! Hope you guys are doing better than I am.

It's so ridiculous that after all this time people still visited the site in hopes of an update. I can only say one thing to that: THANK YOU for your loyalty. I didn't even know if I was going to return because my schedule had gotten too crazy beyond my wildest dreams. Even when summer started I went to Taiwan for 6 weeks and I come back to find I have to do all this college stuff. Photoshop, how I have missed you. <3 Okay, so first of all, as you hopefully have noticed, there is a new layout! I've actually had a bunch of pictures of Audrey Tatou saved for awhile and they were begging to be used (even though this layout doesn't serve her justice). I loved her in Aemelie (everyone should see that movie!). I did the stupidest thing though... I forgot to have a "links" in the navigation so I'm doomed to link my affiliates page at the top of this main page -__-;; Okay, anyway, last but not least.. art!!!! I know, it's a miracle. I actually did this wallpaper a looonnngg time ago when I got sick my own desktop but I never had the chance to put it up. Does the name Wentworth Miller ring a bell? Well it should! Prison Break is an awesome show and of course Wentworth Miller being beautiful is an extra bonus ;) Enjoy it in two sizes: 1440x900 and 1280x768 if you need other sizes just leave a comment and I'll see what I can do. Later gators

[EDIT] I wanted to make a wallpaper out of my art and so here are two sizes of the wallpaper if you want them: 1024x768 or 1440x900 :D [/EDIT]
Happy Valentine's Day! My first post of the year... how depressing :( Hope you guys have been doing better than I have been. Everything in life has just be crazy. I made a new collage of Hanson today (lyrics are from their song "Rock 'n' Roll Razorblade") because I was just in that sort of mood. Enjoy it! :)

[EDIT] Here are two bigger sizes, since they were requested :D (1280x800) and (1440x900) Did I miss any other sizes? [/EDIT]
OMG. Two updates in a month?! Two updates in a WEEK?! Cindy's definitly come down with some kind of disease. Definitely. :P Well in all honesty I just didn't want to do any winter break homework that is staring dreadfully at me. I'll be going to Italy at the end of this week and won't be back until the 31st so I guess I'm trying to photoshop as much as possible. It's not everyday I actually get some time to do art as I used to. Anyway, who loves Pride and Prejudice? *raises hand* Who saw the new movie and loved it? *raises hand* Well, you're in luck today because I've made a lovely P&P wallpaper for your lovely 1024x768 desktop. If you want it uploaded in different sizes I'd be happy to do that for you. Just give me a little note in the comments. Although I hardly think anyone ever really comes here anymore. This place is collecting dust.

I did my "first" vector the other day. I say "first" because I've never really finished any vectors I've ever started. This isn't the best vector you'll see by far, but knowing that I actually finished a vector is an accomplishment for me. Obviously there is much to improve upon but let's just work with the basics first, yeah? :) Enjoy my very first vector, which is of Hermione Granger (I do way too much art on her, don't I?)

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans out there! :) Hope you guys are having a ball eating turkey and yummy pumpkin pie. Well I made another Harry Potter related wallpaper but this time it's not an actual HP character... its Clemence who plays Fleur in the Goblet of Fire Movie. I finished this awhile ago and just decided to date and sign it today to put up. I basically don't have any time to really make anything at the moment but I didn't want to dissapoint you guys without any November updates. Hope you enjoy!

My god, am I really alive? *poke poke* I AM!!! Like I said, get used to my lack of updates. I'm sooooooo busy now, it's incredible. Hopefully after college applications and band is over everything will calm down a bit... but that's still quite awhile away. Anyway, after about a month of not touching PS at all and due to the the current outrageous excitement for the new Goblet of Fire movie (OMG!!!!!) I decided to do a Hermione wallpaper. I'll probably do the rest of the trio as the month(s) go on so don't worry! :) Thanks always for your support and patience!! <3333

By now it's probably best to get used to my lack of updates. So anyway... a bunch has happened this past month and if you've read my latest blog at TM.org then you know I've recently gone to a concert. And although I'm not too fond of JamisonParker's music... I am VERY fond of Jamison :) So wallpapered him for my desktop... Sorry it's 1440x900 so if you wanna use it you'll have to shrink it a bit and crop it, depending on if you have a wide screen computer/laptop like I do. :) Enjoy either way!

HBP release party was friggin awesome! I had so much fun dressing up with my friends and going to Borders. I felt so dorky but who cares? :) I loved the book (but then again, how would I not?) but it's not my favorite. I think it's my 3rd favorite after PoA and OotP. It was very depressing though... The first time I've cried reading an HP book. But anyway, my new art has nothing to do with HP! It's actually a REALLY quick sketch of Kate Winslet. I didn't shade her skin cause I got really lazy... but hopefully you'll still enjoy it. It's hard to collage anymore. Inspiration is hiding somewhere and I can't seem to find it. Anyone seen it recently?

Shame on teh Cindy. SHAME!!!!! There's something about June that didn't make me wanna update. And in case you guys haven't noticed it's JULY OMG14MOREDAYS! Ok, so here's some GOF love for you guys. It looks better smaller but... oh well. Don't tell me it's fugly. Tell me something I don't know. :)

I almost gave up on fanart. I didn't feel like even touching PS. WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO ME? Thankfully I saw Wicker Park and thought it was awesome so it sufficed as "inspiration." You can use it as a wallpaper if you like cause its 1024x768 but once again... where would you put your icons? Exactly. You may NOT use it for your own website/journal/etc though. I repeat: NO STEALING!!! RAWR! Thank you :)

I just caught a crap load of people hotlinking my art. Let me say this so it's clear: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE MY ART IN ANY WAY WITHOUT ASKING FIRST! IF YOU WANT TO USE A WALLPAPER FOR YOUR DESKTOP, THAT IS FINE BUT DO NOT USE IT FOR YOUR WEBSITE/XANGA/LIVEJOURNAL/ETC. IF YOU HOTLINK OR USE ANY OF MY IMAGES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION YOU WILL GET A BIG SIGN THAT SAYS "I AM STUPID BECAUSE I HOTLINK PEOPLE'S IMAGES WITHOUT ASKING FIRST!" (not that I'd allow you to hotlink anyway!) Please, have a little more respect people. My bandwith is getting sucked up. I will save humiliating you guys right here in my updates, but I'm sure by now people have seen that all your backgrounds are an ugly bright shades of green and red. HAVE FUN!

I'm sorry, I'm still a little overexcited about GOF so I had made new art for it. This might as well be an HP art archive, LOL. It is the size of wallpaper (1024x768) but I didn't mean for it to be a wallpaper. There really aren't any places to put desktop icons but if you wanted to use it on your dekstop, be my guest. Present Harry Potter through the years! :)

AP testing killed me. That is all I have to say about that. Now, if you haven't seen the new Goblet of Fire trailer... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! OMFG GO SEE IT NOW! I DEMAND IT! *phew* And if you're as excited as me about it then you may want to use the triwizard wallpapers I've made. They all have the same look and color but a different triwizard champion is displayed in each of them: Fleur Delacour, Cedric Diggory, Viktor Krum, and Harry Potter. Display them on your desktop and squee about the movie like me. :D That is all.

Found these frickin' hot pictures of the almost-Calvin-Klein-model-but-decided-(thankfully)-to-become-a-singer, Ben Jelen. Then I said, well... SCREW HOMEWORK! When you find awesome pictures and you haven't touched PS in forever, it definitly becomes priority above all else. Homework before fanart? As Hermione would say, "You have got to get your priorities straight!" So lo and behold, a random wallpaper of Ben Jelen. His hair looks soft. Hmmm... :)

For those of you who visit my personal blog site, Tuesday Morning, this isn't new to you. Someone asked me to make a wallpaper out of my layout. So if you want a bright colored Peter Pan wallpaper, here it is!

I am ashamed for being away so long. I didn't even update once in March! That's just crazy. People were right when they said Junior year is the hardest. I'm hoping Senior year won't be as busy, even though I'm taking more APs. BUT, 'tis spring break right now. So, new layout featuring the beautiful, intelligent, and talented Natalie Portman. I've really gotta give credit to Thia for such GORGEOUS brushes. I finally got the chance to join HGX. I recommend people to join to help Thia out and for some amazing goodies! One new art today: a wallpaper of Harry Potter titled "Dark Secret" referring to his secret that he is keeping from Ron and Hermione (a.k.a. the prophecy). Perhanps in HBP he'll tell them? Can't wait to find out! :) I guess I left the picture slide blank so you can put your desktop icons in it.

The Oscars are tonight! I really need to work on science fair but I was having an itch for PS so... I made another Lupin wallpaper! It's Lupin and his werewolf-transforming self. Which reminds me, I saw the movie "Cursed" and OMG SO BAD. Never waste your money on that piece of crap. It wasn't even scary--CRAP! POA had better werewolf graphics, seriously.

OMFGTHISTOOKMEFOREVER. Make me feel better and tell me it looks real. I used nothing higher than a 4px brush for the whole thing OMFG why did I detail it so much?! *going blind* And uhhh, yah I tried to be a big creative with the "h" being kind of like his hair... except not, LOL. Yeah, I'm not that creative.

Happy almost V-Day! A big happy birthday to my daddy! <33 One new art piece (as usual, sorry) for today. Took me AGES! Hopefully it shows, there are small details to the piece if you pay attention. It's of Cold Mountain cause I had a billion pics that I never got to use for my layout at TM.org. :) Enjoy! Watch the Grammys tonight!!

Happy February, the month of LOVE! But since I don't really have a "special someone" I think I'm just gunna say how much I love YOU guys because without you guys, where would I be? Probably moping in the corner of my room. That's right. One Josh Hartnett piece today. Nothing too spectacular but it will do for now. Will try and update soon enough!

OMFG FINALS ARE THIS WEEK! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? I MUST STAY AWAY FROM PHOTOSHOP. We all know that won't last long though. Anyway, one new piece. Something I've never really done. It started with wanting to manipulate Draco's hair longer (like I've seen some people do) then it went onto highlighting his clothing to make it look 'painted' and THEN Pansy randomly in the picture (probably because she matched his greeness). So, I'm putting this under the "manips" category: Draco & Pansy! A ship i've yet to read about, does anyone like this ship?

New layout! I cheated on the splash page, did you notice? The outline drawing was from the old Rose McGowan art, hehehe.. I can't find my tablet, that's why. Oh well, just felt like the Ron/Harry layout, although very amusing, was getting very boring. I tried to center my Recent Art box but it wasn't working, RAWR! Next time I shall pay attention to dimensions I suppose. No new art just yet. Toodle-loo.

Who missed me? Happy very belated New Year! I'm afraid that I have not really found Mr. Inspiration yet--hence lack of updates. Plus the fact of SCHOOL. YUCK! Hate, hate, hate it! I made wallpapers for myself these past few weeks. Then I shrunk them and adjusted them (since my screen resolution is 1440x900) and now I will provide them for you. Don't expect dazzling, stunning, works of art. They are simplistic to the max (although they took me FOREVER -__-;;). All but one of them is HP related (what a surprise) and the one that isn't, is Zac/Taylor Hanson (yet another surprise)! Introducing Hermione Granger (sorry, I love that pic of her), the Trio (so adorable!), Daniel Radcliffe [& version #2 ] (our beloved Harry), and Lupin (who is too cool for words). Good day! Perhaps I will update soon again.

I truly hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Mine went better than I thought it would, so it was a nice treat. I'm not quite sure what has happened to me but everytime I open my PS I draw a blank. Me and blank canvases have actually grown quite accustomed to each other. Expect a wedding soon if Mr. Inspiration doesn't come break us apart. ATR.net is about to exceed it's bandwith for December. And in a way, I'm happy because I was thinking about a small hiatus anyway.

But before I leave you today, I've come with some new art. A very forced art, I can tell you that much. It took me awhile, so stare at it for awhile, appreciate it's ungreatness. The subject is Anne Hathaway. Why? Because I saw Princess Diaries 2. Because she has the same name as Shakespeare's wife. Because I think she's gorgeous. Isn't she? Yes, anyway, hopefully it isn't January when you read this post. If so, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Until next time, my friends. You know where else to find me!

Happy Christmas Eve! I swear I had more old art to put up, but apparently I don't. 'Tis a shame really. One Taylor Hanson piece that I did for Steph's advent calendar. One H/Hr piece I did for the challenge Annie & I are having. And a R/Hr wallpaper I did for Meaghan, who probably isn't using it anyway. Why would anyone want to use it? They're all pieces of crap, sorry. I put up a lot of icons that i've made over these past few weeks though. If you visit my Livejournal then you've most likely seen all the icons. I need more ideas for art. I'm all inspirationed-out. Seriously. :(

Is it July yet?

[edit] SNOWFLAKES! :D [/edit]

Ok, ok, I'M SORRY. I didn't realize break would be more stressful than school. There are so many old art pieces that I haven't put up yet. I must do that soon. But right now, at 3 in the morning, Cindy wants to sleep. She really does. In other news, I hope the new layout will suffice as an apology. I found the picture too amusing and just had to do something with it :) Hope you don't mind it's simplicity. That's what I was going for, lol. AND OMG HBP JULY 16! OMG! Sorry, still can't get over it.

Oh, and thank you so much Tee, for the birthday sign :) *huggles* HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE. Unless you're Jewish and whatnot. Then, hope your holidays were celebrated happily!

YESTERDAY WAS ATR.NET'S 1ST BIRTHDAY! OMFG. HOW DID I FORGET? -__- *pets domain* Will update soon :) Homework consuming life. You know how it is :D

Happy gobble gobble Day to all you Americans like me! :) For those of you who are not celebrating, hope you guys are having a wonderful day anyway! Sorry about lack of updates, hehe. BAD CINDY. But never fear, I have new stuff! first of all, I updated the icons section with HP, The Incredibles, and Hanson icons, WOHOO. Two old art pieces I did awhile ago, which some of you probably have seen. One is of Chad and Sophia for the Challenge I'm doing with Annie. I don't watch One Tree Hill, but hey, nice pictures :) Another I did for Kathy's birthday. I totally forgot who it was, but I know she's in Ats.. or was it Buffy? I DON'T KNOW *confused* Third piece is a wallpaper (inspired by the POA DVD that just came out!!!) I made especially for my desktop,which is 1440x900 but then I shrank it to 1024x768 for you guys to use if you wish. It's supposed to portray that Harry and Hermione used to be together but Harry totally messed up and..yah.. haha, very random, I know. There are more H/Hr pics than Hr/D pics, so there we go! One day I will do a R/Hr piece for all Ronnikenz lovers. In the meantime, happy eating!

Teensy weensy update because I've been uninspired lately. If you ever have any ideas for kinds of arts I can do, please do tell! :) This movie is coming out this Friday. I do believe it will be a lovely touching story and even if not, many of you guys are going to say BUT JOHNNY'S IN IT AND THAT'S REASON ENOUGH! If you say so :) Here we are, Finding Neverland.

Happy Newtember! Hope everyone is enjoying the cool weather (a very sweet reminder that Christmas is around the bend, as well as the POA DVD!!!!) I have two pieces today. Both special in their own way. First, a *sort of* manip of Cate in a bottle! Interesting eh? I need to get better at manips. Second, a piece done for round 1 of my battle with Annie @ BC. It's of Rose McGowan! Hope my drawing of her is sufficient enough (doesn't look like a hag?). If you visit TM.org you'd know I that's how I drew Draco. :D Also added 4 Emma Watson icons & 1 HP trio icon I made awhile ago. Hope everyone has a STUPENDOUS Halloween. I sure did! It was magical *in many ways*, hehe.

WAHHH, sorry for being gone. It's called school. Yep, so get used to this rarely updatedness :( I'll have updating sprees once in awhile though, it happens occasionally. My PS got messed up and reset all my brushes! RAWR. So I had to redo my signature brush as well. No birdy now. It went byebye! Anywho, inspired by a very well written Fanfiction by DeChantal, I've made a Draco/Hermione piece! This one took me awhile, glad it turned out okay-ish. Tell me what you think! Top two lines of text by me. Bottom lines of text are lyrics from "Time is Running out" by Muse. Oh and I made icons awhile ago, so updated the icons section with LOTR and A Walk to Remember icons. :D See you laters, my lovelies!

EWE gotta study for PSATs tomorrow. Added LOTR and Diego Luna icons :) Also made new art. A collaboration with Tee! It's of the Weasley twins.

RAWR! ALMOST 4AM! This piece took me way too long. Hopefully it was worth it. It's a 1024x768 so it can be used as a wallpaper if you wish. Words on it were randomly put on because I was listening to the song at the time. Don't think it correlates with anything but anywho... presenting Natalie Portman! zzz... Cindy must sleep now!

Sugar, ohhhh honey honey. doo doo doo doo doo doo. You are my candyyy girrrrl. And you got me wanting youuuu. Hahahaha, such a fantastic song! Everyone needs to go listen to it now! I took lyrics from it for my new piece today. Changed it a bit cause it's a guy, Diego Luna to be exact. It's 1024x768 so I put it under the wallpapers section. He's my candy boy! Haha yay. Anywho, does anyone have any idea how I should arrange a collage of hobbits or of the fellowship? I seriously cannot do it and it has to be done! I need to sleep now. Yawnage!!

Because school doesn't start til 9:14 therefore I present you my second update in a row *gasp* I know. Again using the lovely POA caps I found, I present to you: Hermione's Secret. Indeed one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

I am tired beyond belief! School is hectic beyond belief! Therefore, my upmost apologies for lack of updates. We all knew this was going to happen though, right? When I make fanart I always forget how much time just ONCE piece can take up. I probably should have finished AP US History homework first, but at least we know I can multi-task! Found screencaps of POA (the whole movie) and so was impelled to do something with them :) This is the scene where Harry runs away from the Dursleys. Ohhh and added some LJ icons of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Angelina Jolie, & Pirates of the Caribbean! :) That's all folks! See you on the flip side.

Whoa there, most comments I've ever gotten... and I didn't even have new art! LOL. Maybe I should quit making art and just change my layouts every week! Where did all you people come from? Maybe I have unknown stalkers... creepy. Love you guys though, thanks for the comments :) Today I actually DO have an update so it's back to 4 comments again, lol. I had forgotten what Edward Scissorhands was about so I rented it and watched it today. God, I love that movie. So sad, and wasn't Johnny so adorable when he was young? Winona Ryder was really pretty too. I wonder why they got divorced. Anywho I made 4 LJ icons of Edward Scissorhands and a small collage. So enjoy all of that while I sneak out here unnoticed... O.o *sneak, sneak, sneak*

Cindy's a naughty girl. Instead of making new art for everyone she made a new layout for herself :D I needed to add "icons" into the navigation, that's why. Hope this layout will grow on you like the last one did! Keira's gorgeous and she kissed Orli... I'm jealous.

Schools just started and things are quite hectic. I'm sorry to say that I have no new art today. I would just like to show you guys something I setup awhile ago that I never really completed but I want you guys to help me. It's an ecard gallery. I hate how the top image is spaced from the main box but I can't seem to fix it, oh well. If you guys can help me make ecards for the gallery, I'll be so grateful. Credit WILL be given with a link permanently! Thank you all! Also, join the Webphilia forums if you can. It's awesome. I started an LJ if you care. I made a buncha icons but I don't know if anyone would be interested? Just tell me and I'll post em if you want to see em.

Gosh, Cindy updating 3 days IN A ROW?! Am I on crack? Possibly... JK! I guess I'm trying to use my PS as much as possible before school starts and the yucky homework takes up my life again. Two somewhat odd pieces today. Both of HP cause I'm cool like that. I know, you're jealous. JK :) Anyway, I'm sure people remember the car scene from COS? Yea so I've always wanted to do something with those pictures. Second piece.. I found more Harry/Hermione pictures than Ron/Hermione pictures.. ironic? It's okay, I much prefer H/Hr anyway :P But Draco/Hermione is still the best :D Ok, let's stop rambling now... just enjoy the new art shall we? Yes, precious.

I saw the movie Secret Window yesterday. I really expected more of it. I think Johnny isn't right to be a psychotic author... I think savvy pirate fits him much much better :) In any case, Secret Window had a lot of pictures to work with so I made a long piece of it. Enjoy :D

Happy school month to everyone! Hope no one is too stressed with homework and tests to look at some new art :) First is an experimental piece of Natlie Portman. Lyrics from Frou Frou's "Let Go", beautiful song. Second piece is a wallpaper, using the only good pictures of her, is Michelle Branch. So put her on your desktop if you wish. Seriously though, isn't it hard to find good pictures of Michelle Branch that actually MATCH. *sigh* Anywho, that's all for today. Take care, poppets :)

I'm Something-Wicket.net's artist of the month. How weird is that? Thanks for whoever nominated me! *dumbfounded* Now who would do such a thing?
Nothing fancy today. Tried something a bit more out of my style. Sirius Black. Really wish he were more handsome. Isn't he supposed to be good looking? Oh well. Toodles m'dears :)

Nothing interesting today, so you can just leave now... JK!! COME BACK! Okay well at least give my 2 new pieces a chance :) Okay well I watched Sorcerer's Stone the other day just to remind me of how cute everyone used to be. They were SO adorable!! Seriously, so here's a small blend of them. And then after watching Titanic the other day, I watched Catch Me if You Can... so well maybe you can guess my next piece... Leonardo DiCaprio! It's wallpaper size, so I made it one. Not sure if you'd prefer it over Hayden though, heh :) Thanks for everyone who comments here & over at TM.org! *mwah*

Uhhh well I was kinda ashamed of yesterdays work so I spent a bit of time on this one. It wasn't going to be a wallpaper at first, but since I started with an 1024x768 canvas, I just said, "eh, why not?" So if anyone wants Hayden Christensen on their desktop, you may now :)

I've been seeing all this fantastic art lately from various artists and it's making me feel so inferior :( Two small pieces today. Not really happy with any of them but some practice is always good. I found some scans of Wilmer Valderamma, who plays Fez on "That 70's show". He's so hilarious and my dad used to look like him when he was younger, lol! Also, Sarah's got me all into Titanic again and I felt impelled to watch it yesterday. I'd forgotten what a sweet movie it is. So here's a small Titanic collage. Enjoy :)

Drew these both awhile ago and I finally got my scanner to work soo... here was my first attempt at drawing anime on paper and it's of Hermione Granger. Then while I was bored after SAT tutoring class one day I decided to draw Taylor Hanson playing guitar. I know, he looks girly *sigh*.Thanks for all the comments guys.

Wow, with Emily gone I'm just updating like mad arn't I? It's like my anti-depressant, lol. I have *counts on fingers* FIVE new pieces of art. Some good, some bad, some ugly. Okay, well first I did 3 HP pieces. The first one is of my favorite ship Hermione & Draco!!! Next, with a quote from Walt Whitman we have Lupin. I really like how he was portrayed in the movie, more so than the books (odd?). And then we have a bird, no, a plane, no, Buckbeak!! Haha okay. Now another movie collage of Tobey in spandex! And with lyrics from Hanson's "Hey" we have Katie Holmes collage. Hope you guys enjoy! I may be back sooner than you think.

I think I've concluded that anime drawing is not right for me. Realistic is more comfortable =) Okay so I CGed Hermione (she's supposed to be leaning on a table) & Harry (he frustrated me!!). I hope you enjoy them cause each one took me about 8 hours to do and.. WOW I am POOPED. I also changed my copyright signature =) The birdie stays though! I think if you guys say I am good enough I will start taking requests for CG art at NO.net designs =). See you later alligators.

I told myself awhile back that I was going to learn how to draw anime in PS no matter how hard it was. Problem was, I can't even draw anime free handed. I don't even WATCH anime, so it's not like I study their faces all day long. I spent hours last night studying how to draw anime. This morning I opened my PS and made my first attempt at digital drawing. I think it's alright for a first try, yes? Don't let it's small size fool you. It took about 3 hours for me to do it -__-. Hope you enjoy!

Hm, my other archive needed some updating so I pushed myself to make another Hanson art. Hope no one minds! Oh, and since Emily has seem to have received her gift safetly, I uploaded it here in case you wanted to see how nuts I was when I made it.

I think I'm doing fairly well on my updates, no? Well I went to go see The Village and I enjoyed it enough to make a collage of it. It was originally gunna be a wallpaper but It'd be a horrible desktop so I didn't make it one, but if you still want it on your desktop it IS 1024x768 =). I don't fancy it much, I wish I had done better. Oh well, there's always next time.

I found these beautiful pics of Ayumi H. and so I had to use them. I don't really know her but anyway, they were lovely pics. If anyone wants 'em you can email me and I'll send them to you. Enjoy! BTW, thanks for the sweet comments on the layout =)

[edit] New layout!!!! =) Hope you like! We likes, yes we do. [/edit]
Lyrics from their song "Hey". Enjoy. BTW, all you fans out there that I've found through making Hanson art, you guys ROCK. Seriously, I'd thought I was alone for a second there.

In case your wondering, I recently recieved a small bit of webspace for joining a fanclub so I'm putting it to good use. I've created this mini art archive so that's why all my recent art is on the same subject. Uh well, I don't think anyone will want this on their desktop but you can view it here anyway :)

Working on a project right now that involves me having to make more art of these three brothers. I guess I wasn't thinking when I made this. Trying to be creative really gives you a crappy result. Darn. I'm thinking I should go back to my good ole blendyness. This phase will pass.

I'm going through my yearly music obsession phase right now, so please just deal with me. See if you can guess who this is without cheating! Lyrics are from their song "Underneath". I'd also like to say that he is indeed a sexy beast. Haha, ok I shall go now. Thanks to all my wonderful commentors. I probably don't tell you guys enough how much you rock all my socks. :)

[edit] Er uh I decided that my poor pianist was too lonely and so I collaged his cool drummer brother. Maybe the guitarist will come in soon as well? ;) Lyrics are from their song "Broken Angel" [/edit]

Whoa there guys. Sorry about the long time no updateness. But then again, it's me. One new piece today! *cheers* I don't really wanna see this movie partly cause I'm not into Arthurian legend and partly because it's i heard it sucked. But hey, Keira Knightly is cool and the pictures were cool. I thought then maybe I could make something cool out of it. So here you go, a collage of Guenevere from the movie "King Arthur" that recently came out.

OMG updating only after 3 days? Is Cindy feeling alright? Yes, she is. She's a bit bored and stressed at the same time as well. If that's even possible. So I came upon this blend challenge and it had some gorgeous (and BIG) pictures of Diange Kruger; aka Helen of Sparat/Troy. I wonder if she actually got to see nakey Orli... LOL. Anywho, I'm putting it under the wallpapers section since it's a perfect 1024x768. So feel free to have Diane Kruger on your loverly desktop :)

Yawn, it's 2AM and I'm dead tired. I needed to update this thing though, so I decided to make a small piece. Nothing big or fancy and it didn't take me a lot of brains either. i supposed I should start posting some quality art, huh? I'm so sorry, it's the stress. I'm so busy over summer *grr* I don't like Jennifer Aniston much and I don't think she's all that pretty but I do think that these pictures were, soooo. I collaged her :) Enjoy!

[edit] I had more time so er.. here's a very loverly collage of a guy in spandex aka spiderman! ;)[/edit]

Welcome to the reopening of ATR.net! I have revamped everything and deleted about 90% of my old art, hoping to start fresh :) I hope you guys like the new layout and to go along with the layout I decided to give Scarlett some more fame by collaging her, enjoy!